This is a recap on how and why I have come to the decision to use anabolic androgenic steroids in my workout routine. The history of my decision and the steps leading up to the creation of this account of my journey.

I am a (almost) 40 year old man with a wife and kids and a self run business. I have worked out off and on since the age of 22.  At about the age of 25 I was lifting weights 6 times a week and sometimes twice a day. At this time one of my workout partners suggested we try anabolic steroids to “get us over the hump”. After some haphazard research, we decided against this. Shortly after this, I ended up joining the military and even though I kept training off and on, never got to the level I had achieved at age 25.

When I hit the age of 33 I had all but quit serious training and mainly swam and jogged to keep in military standards. At 34 I left the military to finish school and start my own business. At this point I spent most of my time on a keyboard and became extremely sedimentary. I ballooned up to a fat tub of lard in less than two years. I could hardly walk up a few flight of stairs and had a very low self esteem. Before my 36th birthday I decided to something about it. I joined a gym and started doing cardio 5 times a week. I started out at 30 mins and worked my way up to 1 hour eventually. I did lose a little fat during that time, but not nearly enough. It had been a year and I had again become depressed because all the hard work I was putting into the gym was not paying dividends. So eventually I joined a new gym. This time one with actual weights and all.

So once again I started training serious. In the beginning I was almost embarrassed to be in the gym. The weight I was pushing around was damn sad to say the least. But I slowly made progress and got to a point of respectability again. I was still far from where I was many years ago, but at least I didn’t feel like a 5 pound weakling. I was doing 1 hour cardio sessions 4-5 times a week, and riding my bike on most days. I felt good and I felt energized, and was happy with my path.

Then I hit another wall. It had been 1.5 years and I was hardly to the point of were I wanted to be. When I first started training (those many years ago) it took me less than a year to become one of the biggest, fittest guys in my gym. I was one of the guys that everyone went to for advice on how they were doing it. Sure I was young and that always makes it easier, but I realized that I just wasn’t progressing like I wanted. It also didn’t help that I still had a bear belly from hell.

Again I was thinking there was no real hope for me to train anything close to serious ever again. I would still push around weights, I would still show up to the gym 3-5 times a week (probably 2-4 was more realistic).  I would still ride the bike, I would still cardio, I would still maintain some sort of exercise routine, but I knew deep down it was just going to be going through the motions. Then I stumbled across a video of three brothers that went down different training paths. Bigger Faster Stronger returned me to the days that my training partner had mentioned steroids back then.  My interest was peaked again.

So for the next few months I researched all I could about the truths and myths of anabolic androgenic steroids. What I found out blew my mind. Now granted steroids are not child’s candy, but the myths propagated about the use of steroids is mind boggling. Anything can be abused and cause a person harm, but with research and careful and responsible use, steroids can be safe and effective. Lets face it, I am not gonna go to my doctor and get him to help me out, so there is a risk, but this is a risk that I am willing to take at this point.

So this is how I got to this point, but why am I writing this? Simple. I want to create a record of my journey into steroids and document my results in case some other “normal” guy/girl wants to read someone elses experience before they make the plunge. See any bodybuilder forum will shut down the “normal” person looking to start using AAS. They claim that you are not “ready’ until you have plateaued. This is usually followed by the “go train hard for 6 years then get some gear”. So I am gonna test their “expertise” here. I am not even close to plateaued.

So here we go, the normal guy jumps head first into anabolic androgenic steroids.